Foundation Information Update

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Utah and is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under the Internal Revenue Code. The Tax Reform Act of 1969 and subsequent amendments passed by Congress places strict guidelines on the operation and distributions of public and private Foundations. Regulations of the Internal Revenue Service require that distributions be given only to qualified non-profit, tax exempt organizations for philanthropic, charitable, or educational purposes. Any distribution to non-qualified organizations or individuals is strictly prohibited.

Origins and Purpose:
The Masonic Foundation of Utah was created in February of 1929 by the Masonic Fraternity in Utah. Our purpose is to promote charity, education, relief and support to humanity. Since the foundation was created by, and is supported by, Masons throughout Utah, scholarships and charitable distributions are primarily awarded to people and organizations in Utah.
Occasionally, however, our support has also been given to qualifying organizations outside of Utah in times of great national need such as hurricane, tornado and other disaster relief.
Since the 1980’s, the Masonic Foundation has awarded well over 2 million dollars in college
scholarships and roughly 6.4 million dollars in charitable contributions.

2021 Activity:

Throughout 2021, the Foundation awarded $297,300 overall to worthy recipients. From that, $104,300 was given to 47 college scholarship recipients and $193,000 was given to 76 qualifying and deserving charitable organizations throughout Utah.
Events over the last two years have placed tremendous strain on our society and emphasis was given to organizations supporting basic human needs including children, the elderly, the homeless and the hungry. We also supported other charities since we realize that public
donations to them are down even though the demands on their resources are greater than ever. Historically, we often focus the majority of our efforts on charities specific to Utah where a few thousand dollars can make an important difference to them. This necessarily means that we sometimes shy away from large national charities that are already heavily funded. When we do award to these national charities, we specify that funding goes to their Utah group rather than the national headquarters.

Although the Masonic Foundation is an entity founded and administered by Masons, all donations of any amount are welcome and they are tax exempt to the doner. If you would like to contribute and help us benefit humanity, please consider a donation.