2023 Scholarships Awarded

In July of 2023, the Masonic Foundation of Utah met to determine the recipients of its annual Scholarship awards. This process is never easy because of the many applications but it is wonderfully rewarding to be able to support so many active students as they work towards their educational goals. Education and self improvement are cornerstones of Masonic philosophy and the Board is continually amazed at the quality and dedication of the individuals who have applied over the years.

This year the Masonic community in Utah through their Masonic Foundation were pleased and honored to award close to $97,000 distributed between 44 deserving students.

Grant Recipient Sends Thanks

The Masonic Foundation of Utah received a nice thank you from the Scottish Rite Children’s Learning Center thanking the Foundation for their continued support of the Children’s Learning Center (See quote below) . The Learning Center was just one of many Utah Charities that the Masonic Foundation of Utah was honored to support.

The Scottish Rite Foundation of Utah is sincerely grateful to the Masonic Foundation of Utah for their continued and generous financial support. These funds assist in our Mission to help children with all types of learning challenges related to speech and language. We are dedicated to helping children in their home and school settings by empowering them to reach their full educational and social potential. RiteCare Children’s Learning Centers (www.ritecareutah.org) Thank You!